My name is Evan Yeung and I am a student at Stockton College and I am a Political Science major.

While you are here, why don’t you take a look at some of my work. Or maybe you are into hearing about my daily ramblings. Or maybe you are more of the chatty type and would like to speak to me.

Since you are still here, why don’t you read more about me.

I got hooked into technology at a young age having a father that works as a database administrator. My first dream was to become a video game designer, but I eventually found out that it was just not my passion. I still stuck with close with my computer, which is where I found my next dream, becoming a graphic artist and web developer.

I started to dabble in HTML around the age of 13. It was not until high school when I fully grasped the concept and started to explore more. Time reference: Facebook was just becoming public around the time I entered high school.

From HTML, I branched out into CSS, and eventually PHP. It was not until my senior year of high school that I started to like WordPress and code for it. Now it is my go-to platform for building websites. I also help out other people with their WordPress worries!

And while I am pursuing a Political Science degree, I will never stop creating beautiful design and code. So you should hire me.

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